Our service offering is focused on YOU
Ambulatory Transportation
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Our ambulatory offering is for all of our clients who do not require a wheelchair or stretcher. Whether we are picking up the whole family or one client we have the right equipment to serve you. Below are some of the add-ons you can request from Due North Transportation when you schedule your ambulatory transport:

  • Car seats

  • Door through door service

  • Curb to curb service

  • Medication and specimen delivery

Wheelchair Transportation
Specially Equipped Van

Our wheelchair vans can accommodate all chair types and sizes as well are additional passengers that may be riding with the primary client. Wheelchair transport always includes door through door service. Below is some wheelchair transport add ons you can request at the time of scheduling:

  • Wheelchair rental

  • Wheelchair cushion 

  • Blankets and pillows

Stretcher/Cot Transportation

Due North Transportation is happy to offer premium stretcher service. For our clients who have specific medical needs, who are traveling long distances, or what the extra comfort this service is for you. Our stretchers can accommodate up to 1000 lbs and are 34 inches wide compared to the industry standard of 19-21inches. 

* Not all wheelchairs are made to be tied down. For your safety, Due North adheres to the wheelchair securment guidelines outlined by the NTSB. We may require you to use one of our chairs at no charge if we determine your chair does not meet the guidelines mentioned above.